Chelsea want to buy Mark Cucurilla at any price


Chelsea are reportedly ready to pay more than the 44 million needed to buy Getefe's left-back Mark Cucurilla this summer.


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The 22-year-old has impressed everyone in his current game in La Liga and looks set to qualify for Frank Lampard's squad.

Chelsea have lost to Arsenal in the FA Cup final and also to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, so Chelsea are clearly in need of new players this summer.

It looks like Chelsea are willing to pay more for Cucurella, with the Daily Mail claiming that they have set a price of  44 million for Cucurella

It is seen that the young Spanish player will prove to be the main target of Lampard, in recent times many big talented players were associated with this club in West London.  

Real Madrid's Sergio Regilon wants to join Chelsea, ESPN reports, while Leicester City's Ben Chilwell wants to buy Chelsea, according to Football Insider

No doubt Kukurella will be another good option for the CFC, and fans will only be hoping for an upgrade from the unrivaled pair of Marcos Alonso and Ermerson Palmeri.

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