Man Utd would lose on £70m with failure to qualify for Champions League

Manchester United would miss out on a astonishing £70m if they fail to enable for next season's Champions League.

AFP/Getty Images  Man utd have to win

Chelsea face a similar luck as they endanger losing £50m if they fail to make in the top four this season.
Man Utd are in pole position to make in a top four position before of the final games on the season on Sunday, with their 1-1 draw against West Ham on Wednesday going them into third place in the Premier League.

They are level on points with Chelsea and exactly one above Leicester, however, who they face in a do-or-die battle at the King Power Stadium this weekend.
A loss to the Foxes along with a positive mark for Chelsea against Wolves would see the Red Devils drop out of the top four, and according to the Daily Mail this could see them lose out on a astonishing £70m.

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United could suffer another £20m from the kit deal with Adidas, as the highly investigated after brand states that their annual £75m fee will be cut if they lose to qualify for Champions League football for two years in a row.
Man utd  will also see a loss of profit from the £330m TV bonus shared between the Premier League clubs. United, among with all other Premier League clubs, have been knocked by the coronavirus crisis.
Old Trafford has dropped out on around £20m in gate revenue due to games being kept behind closed doors.The club has even won for a £140m loan from Bank of America to help protected the dent in their cash, according to The Sun.
Should United fail to Leicester on Sunday, they will still have the opportunity to get Champions League but would need to beat the Europa League when it comes back next month.

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